One of the greatest advantages of being a homeschooling parent is the ability to work form home. Sometimes that is in the form of working for an employer or it’s stepping out and becoming YOUR OWN BOSS! However, as amazing as that might sound it can also be an overwhelming thought or experience if you just aren’t sure where to start and how to keep going!

That’s where our Homeschool Consultant, Lakeshia R. Williams comes in. She has 19 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit organizations get started as well as expand. Lakeshia has the ability to walk through with you how to monetize on your natural talents / skills and turn those gifts into a profitable business.

If you are interested in taking that next step, then we encourage you to schedule a Chat + Vibe Session with Lakeshia to determine your vision and needs that will assess how she can best assist you.

Being an entrepreneur is a freedom like no other and can enhance and make your homeschooling journey that much more exciting for not only you but your child(ren) as well!

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